Facing testing challenges with the DEWETRON TRION3-1850-MULTI module

Air Blast tests are an important part not only in the Aerospace and Defense segment, but also in other market segments where explosions are part of a test procedure.
Nowadays, threats can come from any direction, thus, blast tests are also used to test the structural integrity for example for vehicle protection.

The analysis of the shock wave of air blast tests is significant to characterize the rapid release of energy which generates the pressure wave and the return to normal ambient conditions. Thereby, different kind of tests can be performed, like a free air, directed or contained air blast to measure the generated shock wave. This process is a highly dynamic event which, therefore, demands highly dynamic measurement systems to capture all the data for a significant evaluation. Incomplete or loss of data is an unwanted and unacceptable effect and must be avoided in any way possible. Highly reliable measurement systems with a highspeed sampling rate are desired to fulfill all those requirements.

Key facts:

> High sample rate of 5 MS/s for gapless data recording and storing
> Highspeed pressure and temperature recording
> 2 MHz bandwidth
> IEPE excitation current up to 20 mA
> Perfect synchronization of all channels of different sensor types
> Reliable measurement system for valid results