Signal monitoring during rocket launches

The main factor for the success of a rocket launch is the reliability of the thousands of individual mechanical components and technical subsystems. Those must be monitored during the countdown before the take-off phase by using a redundant DAQ system.

This is a tough and challenging process, because the signal conditioning and data acquisition system must be close to the device under test in bunkers to prevent them from being damaged by the enormous physical forces that are unleashed during a rocket launch. For safety reasons, the signal conditioning and data acquisition systems are split up in several individual and redundant subsystems. Those are set up in several locally distributed bunkers to avoid data loss in case any unexpected and safety critical event occurs.

Due to safety reasons it is not allowed to enter these bunkers during the countdown. Therefore, the data must be transferred to the control room and the data acquisition system must be controlled from there.

Key facts:

– Redundant data acquisition
– Purely analog signal conditioning modules
– Networked data acquisition system
– High channel count data acquisition systems
– Easy-to-use data acquisition software