DEWETRON DAQ Systems facing the challenges during testing

The Headlight Test and Rating Protocol released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety prescribes a testing scenario to evaluate and rate the on-road illumination provided by passenger headlight systems.

During the test, the Vehicle Unter Test (VUT) shall drive along five different tracks. Luxmeters located at the end of the tracks measure the light emission of the headlight during the approach. The VUT is steered autonomously by a driving robot to ensure the repeatability of the test.

The following challenges must be faced by the DAQ system:

> IMU data acquisition to determine the absolute position and exact vehicle speed and to measure the relative remaining
track distance while the car is driving along the predefined routes
> CAN data acquisition to acquire the vehicle data during the test
> Distributed and time synchronous data acquisition of the vehicle CAN data and IMU data in the moving VUT and the
analog luxmeter data positioned at the end of the tracks
> Determination of the VUT’s lateral track offset and the relative remaining distance to the end point while the car is
moving to proof the repeatability of the test procedure